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Dec 24, 2008     Gia Machlin

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EcoPlum founder Gia Machlin welcomes you to the site and gives a quick environmental tip.

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By Kelly Greer on Apr 21, 2009

Comments:  Inspired by your video on ecoplum, I too got my own stainless coffee mug. I fill it in the morning from home and sometimes replenish in the afternoon if I feel sluggish. I found I ran into the same problem with coffee shops making a coffee in paper and then pouring into my mug. I have now placed marks on the outside of the mug with popular coffe oz. sizes and have been much more successful!!!

By debbie speregen on Jan 4, 2009

Comments:  So true about Starbucks. My husband works at Starbucks and agrees with the waste involved with paper cups. Maybe dry-erase travel mugs are the way to go??? Keep up the good work, EcoPlum!

By Corey Sclar on Dec 24, 2008

Comments:  Great information - i had no idea the impact some of my habits have on the environment and how if we all help in small ways it makes a huge difference.

By Gia Machlin on Dec 24, 2008

Comments:  Hi - I just want to clarify that the 4 reusable mugs I have in my office were give aways from conferences - I did not buy the mugs and they had already been produced. It's best to use a ceramic cup or a reusable coffee cup that you already have (promitional items) because producing stainless steel mugs can have a large impact on the environment too. Thank you!

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