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by on Apr 12, 2010

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Here is a great green tip from!

Everyone loves a clean car, but washing a car is actually dirty business for the environment! Did you know that it's actually greener to take your car to a commercial carwash than to wash it at home? According to International Carwash Association washing your car at home actually wastes 80-140 gallons of water and the toxins from washing your car end up in your storm drain, polluting rivers and streams. Washing your car at a carwash only consumes 45 gallons or less and commercial carwashes are required by law to treat the water so it doesn't pollute the earth.

If you do chose to wash your car at home, make sure you find eco-friendly products. You can purchase biodegradable soap at Simple Green or make your own! Also, try not to use your driveway, but wash your car on your lawn. This way the toxic water can be absorbed and neutralized by the soil.              

There are even ways to wash your car without using water at all! There are some carwashes that use the waterless technique, which includes a solution that is sprayed on the car and then wiped away with a cloth. You can search for a waterless carwash in your area; just make sure they use eco-friendly products. You can even buy your own waterless car wash products on the Freedom Waterless Carwash website.

Let's have a sparkling clean car and a sparkling clean planet!

Check out the website for more info!


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