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Update on BPA

Mike Greenwald | Dec 20, 2010 | General | 

Find yourself frequently drinking from a plastic bottle, eating canned goods or shopping till you drop? Well, certain plastics and the lining of aluminum cans are known to contain Bisphenol A (BPA), but now shopping receipts might also be a threat. Before you go ahead and sip that water or grab your receipt and throw it in your (hopefully reusable) bag, read on for the latest news and research on the potentially harmful chemical.

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Dim All the Lights

Paula Seefeldt | Dec 19, 2011 | General | 

What is it about going to sleep that is so difficult for many of us? According to the The National Sleep Foundation, 65 percent of Americans report having trouble sleeping at least once a week and almost half (44 percent) report difficulty sleeping every night. 

The long term effects of sleep loss can take a toll on our health. Poor quality and quantity of sleep can weaken the immune system, wreak havoc on our skin, increase stress hormones and may play a role in the development of both cancer and diabetes. Poor sleep habits can also lead to weight gain, as lack of sleep increases ghrelin levels that signal hunger and reduces levels of leptin, the hormone that helps us know when we’re full - which explains why I am always so hungry on days when I haven’t slept well.

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The Accidental Locavore: No New Year's Resolutions, but Three Green Goals for 2011

Anne Maxfield | Dec 19, 2010 | Food and Dining | 

We’re all works in progress, and the reason we come to Web sites like EcoPlum, is to find ideas and help in living a greener, more environmentally friendly life. No matter why you do it, every step helps. How and what you eat is a big part of that. So, for 2011, here are a couple of goals the Accidental Locavore is setting. They’re not big; just some small steps in the right direction.

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Greening Our Schools: Reducing Waste at Schools

Emily A. Fano | Dec 7, 2010 | Green Living | 

Most of us have heard the phrase, “you are what you eat.” But the anthropology of garbage has also shown us that “we are what we throw away,” and the pictures aren’t pretty.

The EPA estimates that in 2008, Americans generated 250 million tons (or 500 billion pounds) of trash, almost 30 percent of the world’s global total.

The often uncomfortable topic of garbage has permeated our collective consciousness. The opening sequence of the 1973 cult movie Soylent Green showcases disturbing images of rapid industrialization, pollution and waste. Fast-forward to the post-apocalyptic visions of movies like Children of Men (2006) (based on PD James’ 1992 novel), and "Wall-E" (2008), set against a backdrop of environmental devastation caused by unsustainable consumption, and you’d think humans were preparing for a cultural shift.

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Chryso's Beauty Buys: Gift Guide Eco-Friendly Fashion

Chryso D'Angelo | Dec 4, 2010 | Green Living | 

It’s easy to get lost in the gift-giving craze of the holiday season. We all want those special people in our lives to smile from ear-to-ear when they unwrap our amazing gift. Sometimes, we can forget that we’ve been buying eco-friendly items all year long for good reason. Don’t let sustainability get tossed by the wayside, like crinkled up holiday wrapping. There are nice clothing options that will make your loved one say, “Wow” while you get to keep kosher with your conscience.

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Dede's Green Scene: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents: Earth

Dede Tabak | Dec 1, 2010 | Entertainment and Media | 

Do you remember burying a time capsule when you were younger - either with your school, or your childhood friends? Or maybe you watched the Bayside gang bury one on an episode of Saved by the Bell? People would bury things from the present in order for those of the future to dig them up and understand the past. Well, this is the premise of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents: Earth, except it’s not for humans of Earth, but for aliens. This book is a guide for those who find themselves on Earth…once the human race is gone.

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Go Green This Thanksgiving

Jaime Leiman | Nov 23, 2010 | Green Living | 

Thanksgiving. A holiday known for turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and…being green! By making these simple swaps in your holiday meal, you can transform your Thanksgiving from an environmental nightmare to one as environmentally sustainable as the first Thanksgiving.

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The Accidental Locavore: Green Giving? Here's an Easy Holiday Gift Idea Using Recycled Bottles: Tarragon Vinegar

Anne Maxfield | Nov 21, 2010 | Food and Dining | 

Making tarragon vinegar is really easy and makes a great looking gift.

What you’ll need:

- As many bottles as you have gift recipients for. The year we did it, my husband had been drinking Lorina French Lemonade wine in lovely glass bottles, so we developed quite a collection. It’s also a great excuse to drink a lot of wine.·

- A bunch of tarragon. I’ve still got it growing (and running amuck) in my garden. Otherwise get a bunch or two from your local greenmarket or grocery. You’ll need one good sprig per bottle, washed.

- Cider vinegar - we bought a few gallons.

- A funnel or large pitcher to pour the heated vinegar.

- Corks or other closures for your bottles.

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Designing Green with Robin Baron - Cooking up a Storm!

Robin Baron | Nov 17, 2010 | Green Living | 

It’s our kitchens' busiest time of the year…the holidays! It’s the season of cookies, turkey, and all of your family’s holiday favorites. Amongst the chaos of entertaining, your energy usage racks up faster than your gift list! People always ask me whether gas or electric is better for cooking or baking and what is more energy efficient. Truth is, there are pros and cons to both and great energy efficient options for whatever your preference may be.

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Hybrid Cars: Not as Green as You Think

Mike Greenwald | Nov 16, 2010 | Cars and Transportation | 

Hybrid cars are considered an environmentally-safe alternative to traditional motor vehicles. This is attributed to hybrids having two power sources to tap from, essentially cutting the need to consume gasoline. While the earth certainly needs a vacation from gas-guzzlers, hybrids come with environmental problems of their own.

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