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Still Doubting Climate Change?

JD Capuano | Mar 4, 2011 | Climate Change | 

Numbers usually don’t scare me. I’ve always been receptive to them. Even as a young boy I could memorize phone numbers in a flash. Yet two numbers scare me: 1 and 20 percent.

It’s not the numbers by themselves, rather the divide between what they each represent that concerns me. The first represents a pattern of scientific fact, and the second a pattern of belief.

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Dede's Green Scene "Planet Home: Conscious Choices for Cleaning and Greening the World You Care About Most"

Dede Tabak | Feb 28, 2011 | Entertainment and Media | 

Planet Home: Conscious Choices for Cleaning and Greening the World You Care About Most, a book written by Jeffrey Hollender and Alexandra Zissu, might as well be called 'gamma radiation' because the book will transform you into a green monster! Through this book, Jeffrey Hollender, co-founder and creator of Seventh Generation products, has chosen to share his knowledge and passion for the environment with the rest of the world. What Hollender and Zissu created is the ultimate guide to being green (and I am not talking about the Incredible Hulk.) Whether you have just been bitten by the green bug and are looking for a starting point, or you’re a greenie who’s looking to take it to the next level, Planet Home is a book filled with such wonderful ideas and suggestions, that it's unlikely to leave your side.

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A Treasure Trove: Upcycling and Recycling Trash

Mike Greenwald and Silvia Milanova | Feb 25, 2011 | Green Living | 

Plastic bottles turn into fashionable clothes, magazines into chic bags and tires into durable wallets. Magic, you say? Well, technically no. But it is upcycling.

If you're unfamiliar with upcycling, the process takes used materials and creates items of equal or greater value. The opposite of downcycling, which produces lesser quality items, creating higher quality items through upcycling can be as simple as finding a better use for a recycled item. With all of those plastic bottles laying around, new art is waiting to be created. With a little ingenuity, the possibilities are endless.

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The Accidental Locavore: I Love Cheese!

Anne Maxfield | Feb 17, 2011 | Food and Dining | 

I love cheese. One of the great pleasures in going to France is the never-ending arrays of cheeses, made from all kinds of milk: cow, goat and sheep. And happily for the Accidental Locavore, there are more and better local, artisanal cheeses. So reading that the FDA in its (warped) attempts to make us healthier and safe, while still kowtowing to big business, wants to ban raw milk cheeses, gets me really upset!

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Greening Our Schools: Beyond the Bake Sale - Eco-Friendly Fundraising for Schools

Emily A. Fano | Feb 4, 2011 | Food and Dining | 

In these cash-strapped times, Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs), are looking for creative, simple and low-cost ways to keep money flowing into their coffers. Bake sales have been an old standby. But with 31 percent of U.S. school-age children overweight or obese, and growing concern over global environmental challenges, many schools are looking to move beyond the bake sale. Today, there are a wide range of eco-friendly and healthy fundraising options that can bring in cash, help the environment and teach valuable lessons.

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Chryso's Beauty Buys: Nature's Rescue by Redken

Chryso D'Angelo | Feb 2, 2011 | Green Living | 

Welcome to my beauty column! This month, I review an entire product line by Redken called Nature’s Rescue. The line includes Refreshing Detox Shampoo, Refining Sea Polish, Cooling Deep Conditioner and Radiant Sea Spray.

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Designing Green with Robin Baron: Home is Where the Hearth Is

Robin Baron | Feb 1, 2011 | Green Living | 

Oh…to cozy up to a warm fireplace in these cold (and snowy!) months. It’s almost everyone’s fantasy…I know it’s mine! Unfortunately, many of us don’t have wood burning, or even gas, fireplaces to cuddle up to. Even having the ability to easily install one seems to be a fantasy for most of us. The good news is that there are now many great looking options. These units are ventless, affordable, eco-conscious and so easy to install that any of us can use them…yes…even us city folk!

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Sustainable Coffee Part I: Looking Into the Future with Tiny Footprint Coffee

Silvia Milanova | Jan 28, 2011 | Green Living | 

This is the first of a two part series on sustainable coffee.


It would be nice if all treehuggers can devote some of their time and go re-plant rainforests in South America. But who seriously has the time or the money to do that? Fortunately, for those of us who would still like to help negate the rapid rate of deforestation, but cannot make it to the tropical beauty of countries like Brazil and Peru, a relatively new and small coffee company has just made it a lot easier.

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The Accidental Locavore: Thinking About Seeds. How to Really Go Green

Anne Maxfield | Jan 26, 2011 | Food and Dining | 

When you think of seed libraries or seed banks, what comes to mind? The shiny catalogs filled with “garden porn,” plump pumpkins and luscious tomatoes arriving in your mailbox in the dead of winter? Or are you, like I was until recently, kind of oblivious to the idea? It turns out that seed libraries, seed savers and seed banks, are some of the most important tools we have to ensure the future of everything we eat. While much has been made of eating local and fresh, the focus has been on the end products, not the humble beginnings.

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Green Majors in College

Mike Greenwald | Jan 26, 2011 | Green Living | 

Being green is no longer simply a hobby or something that you do at home. Helping preserve the environment can now be your job - your passion can also help increase your income. With President Obama proposing to create 5 million new green collar jobs with a stimulus of $150 billion, opportunities toward getting a 'green' degree are becoming more readily available. Universities over the past decade have begun to offer programs that range anywhere from Environmental Engineering to Green Law, which means your interests in science, business, or even politics can turn into a green career.

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