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Green Living and Style

Dede's Green Scene: Eco-Conscious Couple, James Cameron and Suzy Amis Cameron


James Cameron is an Oscar-winning director, ocean explorer and creator of new worlds in his celebrated films. But did you know that he and his wife Suzy Amis Cameron are environmentalists, as well?More...

Chryso's Beauty Buys: Sun Protection

Safe Cosmetics

Sunscreen is a must all year round, but once summertime hits, you wind up bearing more skin than usual and spending more time under those hot rays.More...

How to Go Green with Silv: Laundry Detergent


Summer is just around the corner! You may have barbeques, beach days, vacations and more daylight to look forward to, but with all of the summer activities going on, you may also have more laundry to deal with. More...

Holistic Muse: Nature as Healer


Surrounding your whole being in nature brings a sense of joy, peace, stillness, clarity, and love. More...

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Dede's Green Scene Designing Green
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How to Go Green with Silv Greening Our Schools

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Erika D's Green
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Gia on Cafe Mom

Watch Gia on Mom Ed: Green Living from CafeMom

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